Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finding Time To Blog

Right now, life is crazy. It is crazy in good ways but it's super busy. Been trying to find time to juggle everything. I have every little details and ideas about doing so many stuff that I enjoy and I want to do. I have so many pending drafts. I am human, and sometimes I get carried away. Although my blog is not consistent, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Many of your comments have really made me think and reflect on my life and my blog.

My readers are the reason this blog has become such a safe place for me to share the realities of my life on both the good and the bad days. I consider my readers as friends and I find so much wisdom and support in what you have to say.

My life has changed a lot since I first started writing here, and one of the things I love most about my blog is the way it traces and records those changes.

You will find that I'm a better blogger when I have a lot going on (certainly not always).

Most of the time, it takes me about two days or more to write a blog post (even a simple one). Sometimes, I feel really inspired and an entire blog post just writes itself in my head. I wish I could just verbal vomit all over my keyboard and press "Publish" but it's not always like that.

I admit, I'm no good at balance. Finding time to blog is a challenge for me.

Everyday I spend:

 - 9 hrs at work
 - 2 hrs on the road

By the time I get back home, I am already exhausted. 
 - 1 hr of washing up / 2 hrs of exercising
 - 1 hr of cleaning & doing the house chores
 - 2 hrs of dinner ( in / out)
 - 1 hr of leisure time (TV / art / playing w my cats)

And then when everything is done, it is time for bed.  

Can't imagine life after the baby arrives. 

Told you, 24 hrs is not enough for me.

Kicking and moving

At this very moment, (1.20a.m) my baby is actively kicking and trying to reach us while listening to Surah Yassin and Surah Yusuf. I can feel you so close. Can't wait to actually see you and hold you! Mummy and daddy loves you although we haven't meet you yet. xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New video!

Finally my Akad Nikah video is up on Facebook.
I hope it's not too late.
But whatevs, true love stories never have endings. 
My husband and I would like to thank all of you for your love and support. 
We couldn't be more blessed having friends and family like you in our lives.
To those who was there on that day, you can check out the video..
who knows maybe you're in there too. *teehee*

Lately I realized that I have weird people around me.
Friends/haters who deleted me from social network site just to create statement;
Not so secret admirers who wants to be me;
And god knows who else..
But for me, life goes on.
Oh well, hate all you want but you can't break the girl that thinks nothing of you.

"The only people you need in your life are the ones that needs you in theirs."


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catch up on life.

Everyday in the office, all I can think of is to go home and start my art project, rearrange my art room or start working on the house chores but when I reach home & enter my room - boom... the feeling of laziness, fatigue, sleepy and all the aches came straight. The perfect spot is just my comfy bed and in the arms of my hubby. 10 mins power nap turned into 2 hours of dreamland. My body just shuts down every time without giving me any warning. It's hard not to give in. My list is piling up and I cannot procrastinate anymore. I need to get going..

These are the list of things to do:

Start on my felt art                                           
Paint the bird house into beautiful colors             
  Make baby presents to give out to my new mommy friends.     
Hang all the canvas and make it pretty                 
Start working on my baby room                        
Rearrange all the magazines, books and files  
 Clean the laundry place and get the place organized     
Rearrange my art room and decorate the walls.
  Finish up my doll house project and get hubby to help me    
Rearrange our clothes in the wardrobe            
Start my doll project                                         
Scrapbook project                                            
Organize all the greeting cards at home into a pile  
Try out my first patchwork                                

I'm on my way there, I have to bear in mind that every day I wait is one day I'll never get back.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend activities.

Highlights of my weekend:
Friday night, 121012, dating with hubby and had dipNdip for dessert.

. . . 

Saturday morning, 131012
Took a morning flight back to Penang for Sara Qisya's 3rd Birthday Weekend.
Spent the afternoon at Mom's.

Afternoon nap with Raracica.

Had the best home cooked lunch

Laksa and goreng pisang garing for tea time. 

Saturday night 131012, pre-birthday dinner at Italiannies.

Terkejut & tergamam. Nasib tak nangis.  She's not good at handling surprises. 

The surprised birthday birthday pudding for the birthday girl.

Bread & butter pudding. 

The excited birthday girl fighting w her Toktan sapa nak potong cake dulu.

. . .

Sunday evening 141012, Sg. Dua, Sara's Birthday Party
Barbie princess cake.

The happy kid with her first Barbie. 

Happily playing with her Barbie

Little Twin Stars Goodie Bag with so many good stuff inside.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Niece, Wan Sara Qisya!
Our family would have been not so happy and joyous, if you were not a part of it. 
You make our family complete and cheerful. Happy Birthday, sweet niece!

not forgetting..

01:18am, 141012
My first time ever getting the tingling feeling in my tummy.
My baby is growing bigger and now a better swimmer.
Frequent tap tap in my tummy. Hello cutiepie, mummy can feel you now! :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

How nice...

I wish I have a backyard as nice as this. 
It would be perfect for newlyweds like me for some romantic time together after work.

One day, InsyaAllah.!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

17 weeks Check Up.

I did my 17 weeks check-up last Friday.
So it was an off day for me (M.C.). We planned to go early but the bed was so good.
I usually go to a normal clinic to do my monthly checkup but last few weeks I decided to make an appointment with the famous O&G in SDMC, Dato Dr Siti Zaliha.
Apparently, there was quite a long queue coz she was one of the highly recommended one there.
So we reached SDMC at 10ish for registration. Had an hour for early lunch after that and then straight to the doc's room for full check-up.
In the room after the Q&A she said, "Okay, lie down..since today is the first time you're here, I'm gonna run some test on you".. I didn't know what to expect.
I was asked to take off my pants and underwear & un-hook my bra. The doctor started out with breast examination, followed by the Vajayjay infection test and lastly the ultrasound.
Alhamdulillah, both of us (the baby and I) are healthy.

Third time doing the ultrasound, I was still amazed to see the little one.
And hearing my baby's heartbeat out loud makes me feel so close.
The doctor also told us the gender.
Surprise, surprise. (In the next post)
A healthy baby is all we hope for.

The bump is growing. This means my wardrobe collection is getting limited.
I've been living in stretchy tanks, shirts, large tees, lounge shorts and tights.
No frilly or pretty ladylike tops with skinny jeans.
To be honest, I'm not in the mood to even apply makeup on.

Currently at week 18 and I still feel nothing, no movement or kicking from little orange inside me.
It doesn't hit you that a person is inside of you till you fell them kicking & making themselves known
By now I should fell the movement but it is normal for a first time mom not to feel anything until week 20.
 Patiently waiting!

This pregnancy has been physically and emotionally draining.
From what I read, it is normal to feel this way when you're expecting.
Pregnancy can be a real roller-coaster ride of the emotions of highs and lows and everything in between.
 Just like myself, some women have unstable moods and feelings of depression, often for no apparent reason.
Kesian my hubby. That is why it is very important to talk things over with your partner so he understands that you are not angry or frustrated with him. 
All we need is someone to give us a hug and say everything is going to be okay.
Sometimes out of the blue, I started crying for no reason and breakdown. Depressing betul.
Everything doesn't feel right. Ada saja la yang tak kena.
I need to start working out again. Been tired after coming back from work. This is not good.
Will spill out the good news in my next post.
Pick a guess, Baby BOY or GIRL?


Another Awesome Baby Present.

Last Thursday,  hubs' friend, Edmund called up and said he has something for us.
He came over that night and brought loads of new kitchen stuff as he is moving to Melb for good.
There were 2 bags of baking stuff and kitchenware.
We were so happy w the freebies. And then came the major surprise; a Sparco baby seat.
Both of us were speechless and couldn't believe our eyes.
Why so soon? He's only leaving early Nov and the baby arrives in March '13 but he said might as well..
No doubt, this is the best baby present ever. It must be pricey!
Thanks to Uncle Ed, my baby now has a car seat.
Hubs was so happy. He said it matches with his red car.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hobbies and interests!

Hubby's been busy with Photography and all I hear from him these days is about photography, camera, settings, workshops, his mentor; Ming Thein and whatnot. He's obsessed and happy with it.
I don't blame him because just like me, I have my own obsession and I wouldn't like it if people condemn or do not support me especially if it's own my husband. In fact, I'm happy he's occupying his time with something good.
So, back to his current obsession.. As an awesome wife, I am very supportive of my husband's new hobby and no doubt about it, I enjoy listening to what he has to say. *wink wink*
I do follow him to photography expo-s and festival. It's nice to see people with so much passion for creative photography although most of the time I was looking for a bench or a chair to sit.
*Don't blame preggo people for this. We are not lazybums okay, we are just tired.*
Last Saturday, I accompanied hubby to Midvalley for KLPF 2012. He went crazy at the expo and I went crazy for my art stuff at Art Friend, Gardens. (Its been a while tak art retail therapy)
He got himself a new camera bag and some camera stuff. So that night, knowing how ceciwi he is and he wanted to try out his new gadgets to get ready for a photo shoot the nxt morning, I had to be his patung model for his ala-ala studio shoot. It was fun tapi penat sikit. Model pun can penat ke?
I had to stand and smile, but looking at the comfy sofa next to me, I cannot tahan. Slalu ja nak duduk.
I wanted to try a new sewing project tapi nak start from scratch,
so I bought all the materials. Saja je nak buat contoh gambar ni. Hopefully jadi.
Hubby bought this bag with very good price. Cantik kan?
 Testing ala-ala studio. Can u see the comfy sofa?
Sunday was supposed to be a day of bangun lambat and relax2 but we went out early to help out my cousin with a fashion photoshoot for her new online product.
She was so eager to start up her project and asked hubs to help her with the photoshoot.
Knowing hubby, he was happy to do it. Anything for a new photography project.
Although it took us few hours to complete the whole thing, all of us had fun.
Sneak peak of the photo shoot.
More photos coming up soon from the camera.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bun in the oven!

I think now it's safe to announce that me and my husband are expecting our first child.
It has been a secret here because we wanted to wait until a little further along.
It wasn't the best kept secret actually because my husband and I told our closed friends and family as soon as we found out. We were just so excited, we couldn't keep our mouths shut!
I couldn't hide my pregnancy from my co-workers and boss because I was missing work due to terrible morning sickness, so I had to tell them around week 7.
It is hard to fake it in the face if severe morning sickness and missing from work.
I prefer to give them a heads-up rather than having them thinking I'm a deadbeat.
Due to my terrible morning sickness, I had to take some time off from work.
Luckily my boss was okay with it. Everyone has been amazing from the moment they heard the news.
Right now I am 17 weeks pregnant and my baby is the size of an orange.
I am now in my second trimester and feeling better, Alhamdulillah.
The sickness is not fully gone. Making a few appearances now and then.
Hopefully it will disappear for good and never come knocking on my door again.
I am having trouble this time around with the whole body image thing.
I feel like a whale, not pretty. Can't wait to give birth & be super slim like Miranda Kerr. haha
Like its going to happen soon. But whatevs, I can't wait to start working out again like I used to.
Many people said I have this 'pregnancy glow' in me but I doubt that.

How we found out?
I was checking my monthly calendar and that time around my cycle was 34 days long rather than my usual 28 days. So I decided to give it a try. Get a pregnancy test kit.
To be honest, we weren't trying. We left it up to fate.
I knew there was a possibility but never thought its this fast. Just to see a positive result is shocking.
That very night left us both speechless. Not sure if we're ready or plain shocked.
I always wanted kids but I always thought I would have kids later in life. Maybe when I turn 28 or 29.
I don't know who to call or tell. So I rang my sis who was in Bali at that time.
Times like that takpa bill mahal sikit. Cannot keep it to myself.
These are some of the photos after my regular friend decided to stop visiting me for a while.

First few attempts using the cheapo version, nope.. just one line.

After a few days..
Tried a diff kind of test and was shocked to see the result. Couldn't believe my eyes

 Since the previous one mark the symbol ( + ), I decided to try the expensive digital version for triple confirmation and it says Pregnant 3+

3+ weeks means I was already in my 5+ weeks

Like any other excited preggo people, hubby bought this for me to drink.

Before having morning sickness, I was able to enjoy my Anmum Milk.
Then came the withdrawal symptom . Tgk kotak pun boleh muntah mcm air paip laju.

Practicing for future. hehe comels la

He also bought me a keep cup. Katanya senang nak minum & bawa pi mn2. Sweet kan?

We got our first baby present from Kakak & A.Shahril all the way from Bali.
We also received gifts from Ayah and my FiL.. some cute baby rompers & clothes from London.
We also bought a few during the mega sale period. Haven't started shopping seriously.
I guess it is still early now.

August 1:
Week 8.
I had my first check up. Nothing much, just a normal check up and scan.
My first glimpse of lil sweet pea with a heartbeat twice as fast as mine.
The size of the baby at that time was 0.63, which is equivalent to a raspberry.
We didn't snap any photo and forgot to ask for the ultrasound photo as well.
At week 8, to be honest, it doesn't feel that real yet but I must say, seeing your baby for the first time via ultrasound is a very touching moment indeed for me and hubby.
I can see my hubby's happy face. A different look of joy.
A different kinda joy and tears.
And while we were scanning, the doctor even let us listen to the heartbeat.

August 29:
Week 12
Second check up. This time it was a quick one.
The first doctor that we saw wasn't around.
So we had a lady doctor examined me. She was so fierce. Laju gila.
Just plain ultrasound without even letting us hear the cute heartbeat.
But this time we got a copy of the image.
Our baby was so excited, he/she decided to wave at us.
Cute lagi tak boleh ke? *ngap*

This pregnancy has equipped me with the whole package of sickness.
One day, they just decided to pop-up and say Hi Feesha, we're here to visit. Surprise!
Equipped with a whole package of:-
1) Nausea and vomiting
2) Aches and pain
3) Emotionally unstable / hormonal imbalance
4) Bloating and gassiness
5) Food aversion
6) Extreme fatigue

The package that arrived on my doorstep was a complete disaster.
Tak bagi chance langsung. I started vomiting and feeling nausea all the time.
Morning sickness is never a morning kinda thing. It's like ongoing until I shut my eyes at night.
Sometimes, masa tido pun nak gak muntah. Tiring! Now I know why people say its not easy to carry a baby
*I don't understand how people can throw away their baby, have abortion or even dera. Xda perasaan ke?*
To add up the awesome feeling, then comes all the aches - headache, back ache, tender swollen breast, heart ache semua la. Complete!
Just great. Gassy tummy hence farting and burping all the time.
I hope they are not staying for long.
I lost a few Kgs due to all the throwing up and losing my appetite.
People asked me if I'm having funny cravings yet but sadly when I finally have the reason to eat for 2, the thought of most food makes me want to vomit.
My body makes me puke out most of the things I eat. It's like a routine.
Different colors everyday. Sometimes air liur je.
The worst thing is, my nose is extra sensitive.
I've already changed 3 body showers, 2 laundry detergents and can't stand cupboards and laundry smell.
Tengah mandi pun nak muntah. Tak faham betul.

Despite all the sucky part of pregnancy, I am looking forward to :
The nausea leaving my body for good
Having my appetite back
Finding the sex and picking a name
Feeling the baby move for the first time
Decorating the baby room
Arranging cute baby stuff into drawers
Teeny tiny clothes
Snuggling a newborn
Smelling "new baby"
Looking into the most innocent eyes in the world
The feeling of love at first sight
Falling in love

Pretty soon, we'll be finding out the sex.
Thought about waiting and letting it be a surprise but knowing us (hubby & me), we are keen to know the gender because we can't wait to start our baby shopping.
Oh can't wait for the next appointment which is tomorrow morning, Friday 05 Oct.
Will update more soon.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What made me start blogging?

This blog is probably my third blog after Xanga & Wordpress.( if I'm not mistaken)
People have been asking me why do I blog and what makes me so passionate about it.
I enjoy writing my thoughts out. I have kept a few diaries over the years to capture every moment / milestone and I do read it again and again when I feel like walking down memory lane.
I am always motivated to blog as it is a way of collecting my thoughts about an event.
I use the writing medium to ramble about my daily happenings. I told myself it's okay even if there is not a single person ready my blog, I needed to put my issues out there to constantly remind myself how my life have changed from time to time.
It is never about getting thousands of readers or being famous.
I blog mostly about life, the passion for arts & crafts, photography and beautiful things that inspire me.

And now, surprisingly I have readers from all over the world. Getting emails, comments and short messages from them never fail to put a smile on my face. Although I am not that creative, I do try my best to come up with creative colorful posts to inspire my readers. For me, most of my post consists of things that matter.
Blogging is like documenting life around me, precious moments captured and the best thing about it is you get to add pictures easily with all the digital technology around.
Unlike writing in a diary, blogging has its cons where you can't reveal your real inner feelings, joys, sadness, anger etc. You've got to filter things. Any way you choose to spill your thoughts, writing is a kind of therapy and a way to 'free' yourself from your daily stress.
You can actually see how all those things got sorted out on paper / screen. When you look back a few months, you can actually see how you deal with things from time to time. I am amazed at all the things I dealt with and what fun I had too. I also enjoy reading other people's blog as it inspires me to do more.