Friday, December 13, 2013


27 Ways to get more shit done.

1. Create routines. Make a habit of, well, sticking to habits. Choose actions like writing emails at a certain time or hitting the gym after work, and try to do them daily. Soon that routine will happen on autopilot.
2. Get enough sleepNot getting enough Zzz's could hinder productivity at work, so try to get those recommended seven to nine hours of snooze time!
3. Wake up earlierIf still able to squeeze in enough sleep, try extending the day by getting up an hour earlier — when it’s still quiet and there are fewer distractions.
4. Step away from the inboxIncoming emails can be a nuisance. Make a habit to only check the inbox at certain times of the day to avoid getting sidetracked with requests and responses.
5. Make a daily to-do listStay away from huge to-do lists. Instead, create a daily list of realistic jobs to tackle, like folding laundry, scheduling a doctor’s appointment, or paying the cable bill. Break up big goals into micro-tasks, like going to a yoga class over getting six-pack abs, or writing a page over completing a thesis. Soon, the small things will add up to big accomplishments.
6. Make a to-don’t list: Bad habits are just as significant as good ones. So make a list of things not to do because they make you unproductive. (We’re staring at you,Netflix.)
7. Don’t multitaskOur brains aren't wired to juggle too much at once, and we can work nearly twice as fast if we do one thing at a time. (And nope, we’re not talking LOST time-travel.). So remember those childhood manners and finish tasks one at a time.
8. Silence the phoneWhen it comes to getting stuff done, sometimes silence is key. Turn off the cell phone ringer.
9. Take a midday workout breakCan’t fathom cleaning the bathroom? Or having writers’ block? Working out during the day could actually boost productivity, so the time spent exercising could actually help us get more done later.
10. Stay healthyJust like… don’t get sick. (It may be easier said than done.) But health and productivity go hand in hand, so be sure to maintain good health habits, like washing up after hitting the gym!
11. Do those MITsNope, this isn’t college talk. MIT stands for most important tasks, and it’s a way to highlight the items that matter most on that to-do list. At the start of each day, write down a few things that must get done.
12. Hit inbox zero. Sort every email once that inbox is open. Respond, file, draft, or delete. Keeping the inbox clean is key to staying organized and on point.
13. Brainstorm. Take some time to sit and get those creative juices flowing. Without distractions, brainstorming may be the way to come up with killer ideas in record time.
14. Keep a pen and pad on handGet really creative and go DIY style.
15. Shut off social mediaSayonara, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social media can be a huge time-suck. Studies have found that it can take up a significant chunk of time at the office. 
16. “Eat the frogs.” We swear it’s a real term. Do the task you’re least looking forward to first to get it out of the way. (No guarantees Prince Charming will emerge.)
17. Slow downRead. This. Slowly. Getting stuff done isn’t always a matter of making it to the finish line first. Take time to reflect, brainstorm, and recharge.
18. Track timeTake a day to record how much time is spent writing emails, reading blogs, texting, etc. We may be surprised at how much time certain activities (ahem, browsing Pinterest) take up every day.
19. Don’t bounce aroundBox off a specific amount of time for every task. Assign a chunk of the day for one project, and once that time is up, move on to the next mission.
20. Look backSchedule some time every week to see what was accomplished and if that schedule needs tweaking for the following week.
21. Tune out. Those headphones will help tune out any distractions. Plus, others may be less likely to interrupt if they see we’re plugged in.
22. Set triggers. Leave reminders around to help remember what needs to get done. Place bills that need to be paid or books to be read out in the open. Stick reminders on the fridge!
23. Eat wellWhat we scarf down for lunch may do more than satisfy hunger. Certain foods, like salmon, almonds, and carrots, can give us a much-needed boost of energy. So forgo the take-out and be picky at the cafeteria!
24. De-clutter. Get rid of anything in the way that may cause distractions. Put away the dishes, fold clothes, and get rid of excess papers on the desk.
25. Say no. Don’t stretch yourself too thin — learning to say no keeps us focused and may even ward off sickness.
26. Take a breakCarve out some quality "you" time to keep a balance between the busy world and the rest of the day. 
27. Download helpStill need to get sh!t done? Luckily, there’s an app for that.
28. Use the recycling bin / trash basket. Organizing unnecessary items in wasted energy. It is amazing how much more in control I feel just by ridding myself of now outdates aritcles I'd like to read "someday".

29. Put it away now. The single, simplest thing I do to stay personally organized is to put whatever tool, item, clothing, bag, hairbrush etc away immediately after using it. You could save so much time when everything and anything is at the right place. Very efficient.

30. Divide material into red, yellow, blue and green plastic file folders. For example, anything that has to be done today (paperwork, bills, receipts) go in the red folder. contact material or anything related to customer field support goes in the yellow folder. You may also have project-specific manila file folders as well. But dividing stuff up into just four color coded folders is a huge help.

31. Get a good planner. The step up from the calendar is the handheld planner; an ultra organized list of daily activities. Although the thought of a planner may seem silly, it is consistently used by organized people. Whenever you create plans for an event, are assigned a project for work or need to keep track of tasks and errands, mark them in your planner.
       Try color-coding your planner to organize it even further. 
       Carry your planner with you everywhere. it does you no good to have a planner but 
       then leave it at home or lying under a pile of things. In order to stay organizedkeep 
       it in your purse, car, on your desk, somewhere that you will remember to grab it!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Essentials

Here's everything you need to help your baby sleep safely and soundly.


safe place for your child to sleep up to age 2 or 3
Crib mattress
Pick one that's firm and fits snugly into the crib
Crib bottom sheets (2-3)
Give your baby a comfortable surface to sleep on
Waterproof mattress protector
Keeps crib mattress dry and odor-free
"Wearable blanket" sleeper
A cozy sleeper that's as warm as a blanket but can't be kicked off
Footed sleepers (5)
Warm, soft, and comfortable baby sleepwear
Receiving blankets (4-6)
Perfect for swaddling, which helps many newborns sleep better

Nice extras

Keeps your baby conveniently close for nighttime feedings
For keeping tabs on your baby from any room in the house
Hung over the crib, it's a soothing distraction for a wakeful baby
Glider or rocking chair
Back-and-forth movement is a time-tested way to send your baby to dreamland
The gentle motion and music puts some babies right to sleep
Soothing crib accessories
Designed to relax your baby with heartbeat sounds, music, vibrations, and more

And What you need to help you remember every minute of your baby's first few months.


Digital camera
For baby pictures that are easy to share with friends and family
Photo albums
A convenient way to organize and share your photos
Brag book
A portable photo album small enough for your purse or briefcase
Picture frames
To protect and display your favorite photos
Baby's first-year journal
To track your baby's milestones, from first smile to first step

Nice extras

Membership in an online photo-sharing site
An easy, cheap, and fun way to share pictures of your baby Video camera To record how your baby behaves and sounds from day one
Turns your regular pictures into digital images
To keep and display mementos like hair clippings and birthday cards
Photo storage boxes
Archival boxes will organize and preserve photos for years
Hand- and footprint kit
So you can look back and marvel at how small your baby was

Everything I need to start diapering my baby.

Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers
Start with 150 for the first two weeks and buy more as needed
Diaper disposal system
A convenient place to toss dirty diapers that helps contain odor
Diaper disposal liner refills (2)
Replacements for the plastic liners used with disposal systems

Cloth diapers

Pre-folded cloth diapers or all-in-ones (3 or 4 dozen to start)
If you're not using a diaper service, stock up on these
Wraps for pre-folded diapers (5 to 10 newborn size)
With Velcro or snap fasteners so you don't have to use pins
Diaper pail
To store (and soak) dirty cloth diapers before laundering them


To clean your baby's bottom without irritation
Diaper rash cream
Creates a moisture barrier to help prevent diaper rash
Portable changing pad
Creates a clean, dry changing spot in any location
Burp cloths
To protect your clothing from baby spit-up and other messes

Nice extras

Changing table
Prevents back strain, has a strap for safety, and stores your supplies
Changing pad for table
Cushions your baby during diaper changes
Changing pad cover (2)
Soft cloth makes the plastic-coated pad more comfortable
Diaper wipe warmer
A warm wipe feels so much better on your baby's bottom
Distracts and entertains squirmy babies at changing time
Air purifiers and other odor attackers for a sweet-smelling nursery

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello December!

Hello December.
We meet again. This year, time seems to fly by so fast.
Alex is going to be 10 months in 5 days.
My post baby weight won't seem to go away :(
Hope it's not here to stay. (Shoosh go away please)
Life is getting pretty hectic with work and commitments.

Last weekend was Marina & Syafy's Wedding Reception. 
So hubby and I drove back to Penang without Alex.
Just a quick trip for their wedding.
Met a few friends that I haven't seen for a long time.
It was good to catch up.
So here's a few photos from the last trip home.

30 Nov 2013

Love this one! 

One group photo 


Syira & Me (Been ages since we saw each other)

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu

1 Dec 2013
 Roti bakar telur setengah masak

 Kopi Ais Kaw

 Roti Bakar Sardin Pedas 

Roti Bakar Mushroom 

Mee Sup 

Koay teow sup

 Us with the newlyweds at The Groom's reception

 Doing the silly pose

Pengantin lama. :P

A few days before, hubby got my little kiddo his walker to help him walk and now he's enjoying it so much. He can move forward, go backwards and turn around. Such a clever boy.

Baby boy with his new toy

Like father like son

How do I work this thing Daddy?

2 Dec 2013
I am so lucky to have a sporting husband who does everything as I say. Thanks bee although I know sometimes I ask you a lot and make you do silly things. You are the best! So another round of face pampering tonight okay? he he he
Refreshing just before bedtime.

Forced my husband to join me and snap a photo haha. Can't stop laughing!

3 Dec 2013
Lately I've been shopping online for almost anything I can find. Saw this on the table when I came home from work and it's true, getting a package in the mail is like having small joys in life. :) Although we already have a few baby carrier (Boba, Pupsik Studio Pouch Sling and two other organic material baby carrier), I've always wanted to try the one with hip seat. Found it on Groupon with a really good deal and decided to give it a try. Still haven't got the chance to snap a photo with baby on it. Will post up pics soon.