Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hubby and I went to Paradign Mall for the first time yesterday to check it out.
I love it there. They have so many varieties of restaurants and shops.
The good thing is, it is quite near to my place.
They even have Tesco and GSC!
Now I can do all my shopping under one roof. Yeeha!
Was too busy looking here and there, I forgot to snap around.
I had Moo Cow for lunch yesterday, hubby was so jealous sampai teringin.
He was so lucky, they even have Moo Cow at Paradigm Mall.
So after dinner, I bought him his fave Pat-Poh with Raisins and Blackcurrent!
He was so happy just like a kid. Cuteness!

Oh while we were walking around, we came across a cute baby shop.
I dragged him in to survey some stuff.
If you're wondering, NO I am not preggo. Not yet!
Just happy to see baby stuff. hehe
I fell in love with Bugaboo Strollers.

Even Gwen Stefani has one. She designed the Bugaboo below to Benefit AIDS.

And if ever I get a set of twins.. This would be so cute. But dream on la Feesha.

Cantik kan? It is quite pricey compared to other brands.
Hubby said he prefers Peg-Perego - Pliko design.
According to him, it looks more comfy. haha
Pliko is half the price of Bugaboo.
Hahaha this discussion is just a random one. Nothing serious! :P

Okay, Good news.
I've started my DIY Doll House Project last night.
Yes, without a proper table. I made it!
Slowly but surely. It's not that hard afterall.
Can't wait to get off work and continue my project.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Tuesday

Hectic Tuesday with workloads and favors.
Rushed back from the office to accompany hubs to send MiL to the airport.
The traffic jam was terrible.
We reached Shah Alam around 7 pm.
Hubby honk the car right in front of the gate so that the maid can hold the dog.
And then, after a few secs, his big Black German Shepard started running out the gate.
He was so 'perak', as if tak pernah tengok dunia.
So he ran as fast as he could without any sense of direction. Takut kena tangkap.
The maid ran after him but she couldn't catch up because he was way too fast.
We moved the car backwards to follow Jake and after a few secs, he disappeared.
Hubby wanted to even hit him to make him stop running. It was crazy.
So the brave Feesha just stood in the car watching and trying to take some cool photos.
Everything went so fast. So I managed to get only 2 pics.

We had to block the gate. Rumah sapa tah.

At last, no where to run!

After airport, we  went to Madam Kwan, Empire for dinner and then went straight back home.
I had to work with the news release and pink slips.
It was really hard to concentrate as I have my daily fix on: blogs, video, fb, twitter etc
And the tv was playing The Tudor series.
I suck at multitasking now. I tend to get dizzy.
Hubs went out to his friend's house to chill. Bro love ni susah.. haha

Hopefully I get to start on my DIY Doll House project tonight.
Will persuade my husband to go Ikea with me to get a small table for my project.
Senang sikit. Baru la semangat. Muahahaha
Okay, till here folks. Goodbye!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday Magic. Love you my hubby.

I was having a bad day yesterday with all the fuss and workloads in the office.
Stuck in the traffic jam for more than an hour and found myself an extra small side parking, etc.
Hubby promised me that he will take me out for dinner.
Yes, so sweet of him. 
So, last night after helping a friend move some boxes, we had Japanese at Rakuzen, Publika.
Talking about Publika, the location is so good. It is very convenient.
They even have MPH bookstore there. Just opposite Rakuzen. Okay back to the point..
Before going to Miri the other day, I came across a diy doll house project there.
It's so cute I had to have it. (Knowing me, I love small details)
So, as a present, he got me the biggest set they have over there in MPH.
I was so happy; smiling from ear to ear.
My hubby certainly knows how to make my day.
It's not about the gift but the thought that counts.
Thank you so much baby boo. I love the present and I love u more.

I was so happy and was in the 'ceciwi' mode until I came home and open the box.
On the box, it says for kids of 10 yrs and above.
So I thought, how hard can it be right?
Untillllll... I saw the materials and the instruction manual.
To tell u the truth, I got shocked and nearly fainted when I read the instruction book.
It was friggin' hard and hubs said he will not help me at all.
It's even harder than fixing Ikea stuff. Trust me!
I wanted to cry but after looking at the picture on the box, 
I convinced myself that with hard work comes great finishing product. 
Chewah, just like Spiderman, "With great power, comes great responsibility".
I am sure it will look great in my room with the small details and lampu comel.
So, I am taking this challenge to complete this DIY project on my own.
Wish me luck people. I need it.
Okay, gotta finish some media releases and pink slips now.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Hectic weekend.

Hi Again
Last weekend was hectic but fun.
At last, after nearly 3 months, hubby went to De Gem to exchange his wedding band because the previous one has some spots on it. So good of De Gem reminding us constantly to collect the new one. :)

Last Friday, hubby and I flew to Miri to attend a friend's wedding.
My first time going there. Nothing much to see but the wedding is oh-so-beautiful.
Our flight was delayed. Was supposed to land at 10 p.m. but we reached Miri at 11 p.m. instead.
By the time we got there, Hubs' friend was already there waiting for us. Poor boy. haha
We went straight to the hotel to drop our bags before going out again for drinks.
Omar & Lana gave deluxe chalet to all couples. It was really nice.
The bachelors and girls had to stay in the rumah panjang. hehe
Here are some of the pictures I took with my phone from a distance.

Akad Nikah Ceremony, 23 June, 9.30 a.m.
(Had to pinjam someone's tudung sebab tak tahu buat kat Masjid)

Wedding Reception, Eastwood Valley Grand Ballroom

That night after the wedding, hubs and I walked back from the clubhouse to our room hand in hand. 
It was nice walking under the bright moon and stars and we laughed the night away.
Although my feet hurts like no one's business but I managed to walk in style until we reach our room.
All thanks to my wedding heels. Ouch!
Nearly boleh darah kbye. Tapi sebab style apa-apa pun okay.

 Before we left Miri, we went to their local pasar to get some stuff  like ikan masin etc.
We managed to try the famous Nasi Lalapan for lunch.

Lalapan Bawal

Apart from the hot weather, the trip was fun.
Nearly fell sick. But no worries, all is good.