Thursday, May 31, 2012

Medical Check-Up

I've been having cramps and body-ache ever since last week but last Friday was the worst ever. The pain was just crazy. It started with a normal body ache, then muscle pull on my left arm while I was bowling with Nadia, King and hubby right before MIB 3 then half way watching, it got worst. Later that night the whole left side of my body hurt so bad that I can't stop crying. My tears was like rain, it won't stop. I don't know what happened. Hubby offered to take me to the clinic but I was so in pain and I couldn't even bothered to go for another car ride. We stayed in Shah Alam that night. I thought the pain would go away if I just sleep in but it doesn't. It got worst. I woke hubby up at 3.30am and told him that I couldn't stand the pain although I've taken pain killer. No, nothing works. He then insisted that we should go to a clinic to get a jab or at least get some medication. I didn't want to go because I thought it was troublesome to actually change, tie up Jake (his black German Shepard) and drive around to find a 24 hour clinic. But like what I said, he insisted! So, we got ready and off we went to a clinic nearby.

At 4am, we were waiting in front of Lourdes 24-hours polyclinic to see the doctor. He then examined me and gave me some pills and pain killers. He said if the pain doesn't go away by 7 am, I have to go to the hospital to get a follow up. Hubby didn't want to stay in Shah Alam anymore so we went back to the house to take things before going back to our place at Saujana. The meds doesn't really work on me.  Luckily I have my sweet hubby beside me. He was so caring to apply tiger balm on the whole left side of my body.. I had to ask him to stop. Poor hubby have to take care of his sick wife. It felt so good. By the time I woke up, my pain was gone. My husband is such a sweetheart who has got healing hands. His healing hands ease my aches, pains, stress and allow me to feel relax all the time.

Monday night after 10 had to start puasa sebab nak buat med checkup in the morning.
Tuesday: Paid a visit to the nearest hospital. Hubby made an appointment on my behalf nak buat full medical check up

but ..

I ended up buat check-up lain dgn Gynae. Ermm cannot tell ok. Its p&co. :P

We were there from 11a.m. until 5.20 p.m. No work - on M.C, but it was even more tiring than going to work.

At the end of the day, Alhamdulillah everything is okay. . .

Sime Darby Medical Center

While waiting for my turn


Suka la pulak nak fill in forms semua ni

Before going in to see the Gynae

Too Bored..Too long.

After lunch @ Dome,SDMC. Extra time before the result is ready

Waiting patiently for the result..


Friday, May 25, 2012

Life after I say "I do"...

I've heard that the first year of marriage is always the tough one. Now that I'm married, I started to believe it. Not that we have problems with each other or argue on small things. We are very much in love, romantic as ever and even acting crazy in front of one another all the time.

The first year of married life might be one of the most difficult you'll ever face because getting married is like moving to a foreign country. It may seem that way because of the changes and adaptation to the new lifestyle. Mostly due to the transition of actually being married, we as husband and wife learn about each other more and more and also what it actually means to be married. This is the stage where we have to learn to adjust to each other's habit and attitudes. But as time goes by and we both learn to adjust one another, then it'll get easier.

Marriage is about being secure in our relationship. While being engaged was a big commitment, marriage is so much more permanent, comfy and secure. We've gotten a lot more settled in our careers, financial, home and such, which probably has more to do with "growing up" than getting married. But all in all, our life after marriage is a breeze. We learned and are still learning to give each other space when we need it, find time and make the most of it with family, working out budgeting money together, make decisions together, not fighting about small things, watching what we say and how we say things to each other and more! That last one was a big one for us as sometimes we don't think about how other people interpret our words and attitude.

I'm not all the way through the first year (just 2 months in at this point), but it really doesn't seem that hard to me at all. Maybe I am lucky because I have a caring, sweet, understanding husband. Alhamdulillah we didn't really have a hard time or struggle with things. We just had to adjust a bit to make out schedules fit better with the other person which it wasn't anything I'd consider hard. It's even easier for me because my husband is the only child. :) As of for my side, you know I have cool siblings.. so there is no problem at all. 
There wasn't lots of adjustments because we share the same interests & personality. For me, marriage consists of all this:-

Learn how to suck it up and say sorry regardless of who started the argument. 
Saying sorry is an easy way to end it. But when you do apologize, make sure you know what you're apologizing about.
Don't be a brick wall in an argument. 
Don't just sit there and say nothing, staring into space with a grumpy look on your face. Talk! It will help a lot.
You are a partnership 50/50.
Give and take esp. when both of you are working.  Sometimes you cook and clean, sometimes he does. 
There are ways to say what's on your mind. 
Think before you say something. Pause for thought.
Throw some thought at gifts.
Think of what she/he likes. What makes her/him smile or feel good inside. The simple things work.
Learn to live day in and day out with someone who was raised with different habits, moral and rules.
Adjustment -  for each passing day, we smooth those edges out until we have the result we'd been hoping for. 

Marriage can be hard. Just hang on! There will be good times and bad times, and for us the good times are worth the argument. 

Just treat your wife like you’d want to be treated yourself…with affection, love and daily attention. You're in it together forever, so you make things work. Life isn't always romantic and exciting but you have to appreciate the little things in life that you can be happy!

Lastly, don't forget to hug and kiss each other and snuggle whenever you can :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

A fairy tale has come true.

A wedding is something I dream about my whole life. In my mind, everything is perfect. I am the princess, he is the prince. I am stunning in a shimmering white gown, hair tucked behind a flowing veil. He is handsome and charming, and beams as he awaits me to join him in marriage.

And then I wake up,.. it's not a dream anymore when....

He asked my dad for my hand in marriage and after a few weeks, I am engaged. Not that he doesn't know him yet (They are best buds okay, haha) :)  He wanted to ask my dad because he knows that it means so much to me to actually ask for my father's blessing. It's also a sign of respect. The meeting was just a nice bonding moment between my dad and my husband along with my other family members later after that. I thought it was a very special thing to begin with.

Then came the engagement. A time of excitement. But more importantly, it is a time for preparation. When I say preparation, it really mean a whole lot of preparation for someone so crazy about perfection. And I don’t mean the preparations required just to make the wedding, it is also in the process of working together for the marriage. The engagement was a time for self reflection, self-refinement and honesty, so that both of us strive to become the best partner that we can be. Proposal was in late December and our merisik/engagement was in February. His parents came over to Penang to meet up with my family members. All of us had so much fun chit chatting and laughing along random stories. It was nice, nothing formal. Semua cool, takda tense.

My wedding day was fast approaching. I was excited, but I was also worried, anxious and scared. Definitely glowing, though I'm not sure if it is from joy or sweat.

I remember asking myself, do I have doubts? Doubts on what our friends will think, doubts about getting overweight after marriage, doubts if his goals and aspirations in life point in a different direction than mine?
It is impossible to know at the age of 20 or 30 or 40 how I will feel in 20 or 30 or 40 more years. Therefore, when I make the commitment to be with that same person for the rest of my life, it is scary.

"It is hard to know yourself so well, let alone how you will relate to another as time goes."

People say that if you trust that you are with someone you can speak with, someone who understands you, respects you, and shares the same vision with you, then, as scary as it is, you are doing it together. And knowing that you are not alone in this life-changing move, should be comforting and reassuring, though certainly won’t take away all the fear.

It is the nikah part, the sanding session, the photographers, the band, caterers and wedding venue that makes me feel that the biggest part of marriage is the wedding itself. Somehow, that one day is made to be the focus and climax of all that is to come.

And because so many people came to celebrate with me, and these very same people have come all the way and brought presents / angpau, it seems that for their sake everything is expected to be perfect. Needless to say, perfection is a pretty huge responsibility to be placed on two people that are about to make the biggest decision and commitment of their lives. But as the magical wedding celebration draws to a close, while it is the end for the guests, it is only the beginning for the couple.

And though in our fairytale wedding story no one wants to face the reality, in truth it is a very difficult period, a pretty unsettling time filled with stress, responsibilities, and doubt. As scary as it is, I am sure that when we choose to commit  to a relationship with someone who shares the qualities, morals and direction that is important to us, then our fears turns into normal fears that come with any new step in life.

Before I prepare myself for a wedding, I took the time that I need for myself. Getting rid of old habits, negativities and emotions. Focusing more on my personal needs, learning, growth and development.  Not just taking the time for clothes fittings, make-up trials, pre-wedding stuff.

Alhamdulillah, dengan sekali lafaz we are now husband and wife. Please pray for our beautiful journey together. Amin.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My last birthday as a single hot babe (2012). haha

Celebrating my 22nd birthday this year ;) No balloons, no party, no costume or theme color for the day - just a simple celebration with my loved ones. No, I'm not complaining. Having my family and husband around is enough to make me happy and all smiley. Started my day dengan lunch with my parents and hubby. Then both of us went to Straits Quay to eat some cake before dia balik KL. :(

The busy photographer/videoman helping me with my charms.

Yummy classic chocolate cake. Our favourite.

Present from Baby to help me complete my Pandora Bracelet that he bought on our 1st Monthlyversary.

And then later that night, went out with Ayah & Mama to meet up with Kakak, Abg Shahril & Qisya at Eden for my birthday dinner. Bila dah habis makan, we were chatting and catching up on stuff And tiba-tiba je, one of the waiter bawa cake and few more lined up behind him and nyanyi birthday song along with my family members. Luckily that time there wasn't that many people there. Tapi terharu sangat. Thanks to my sweet sister who was so thoughtful to get me a cake. So basically I ate yummy cake twice in a day. Not a good idea for someone who wants to lose weight before the wedding.

Although this year's birthday was kinda mellow - not like any other year, I am so thankful to atleast have my loved ones around to celebrate with. It means so much. No worries about not having a major birthday bash this year, to tell you the truth, I was focusing more on the BIG DAY. 4 days after my birthday. To sum it up, April has always been an awesome month for me and now that Andrew & I got married in April, it is triple the fun and memories. Hopefully we can get a baby in April too. hahaha JK! :P

Delicious Dinner Set

The cheeky one.

My birthday cake

Sisters, besties!