Monday, September 26, 2011

Baking & cake decorating.

~**Bake Me A Wish**~

Just like my mother, baking is one of my passion. Ever since I was little, Mak thought us girls (my sis & I) how to bake delicious pastries, pretty cakes & yummy crunchy cookies for tea time and parties. In our family, baking and cooking is like a family tradition. My late grandma makes the best Halwa Maskat, kuih bangkit & pulut kacau of all time where else my mother bake the best cheesecake and chocolate cake ever. She's even taking orders from people until now. ;)

I do bake but not that often. I used to bake in Melbourne for occasions like birthdays and whatnot. (Thank god for build in oven at home.) Well, its not about eating it that much but sometimes I do it for fun. Just to pass the time and to fix my cravings. Its even better if you get your loved ones to help you with it. Since I moved to KL, every time I walk into the kitchen, it's as though the oven is waving & calling me.."Feeeshhhaaaa, useee me!..Try me.." hahaha *(wow so dramatic) So, it made me so eager to look for classes on fondant cakes since it's so famous now.And I've always wanted to learn how to bake one. Lucky me, I found a place that teaches you how to decorate a fondant cake - (figurine) on the net. (Google work wonders). I called up to book for a place and that very weekend I attended the class. It was fun and interesting. For those who are interested, I suggest you to attend a beginners class like mine as a start before going for others eg:wedding 3-tier, handbag, etc.
Here are some photos of me and my bffeuteot during the class and our cute cake!

During the first week of August, I baked my first rainbow cake for my bffeuteot's birthday. I thought it was hard and complicated to bake this cake but actually it's not. All you need is patience and voila, its ready. What I really like about this cake is the bright colors and how fun & exciting when you cut into pieces for the guests to eat. Oh la la, kids will love it! Oh btw, I bought the wrong sugar for the icing. It was already midnight, I was so lazy to drive out to get icing sugar. So, I just use the normal sugar for the icing. It doesn't turn out perfectly but not to worry it was good. I'm not gonna complain. :)
Here are some photos during the process and the outcome of it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daybed Hunt

I've been crazy about daybeds ever since my last trip to PD. I think if I have a daybed, my huge empty room would look lively and cozy sikit. Lets check out some cool photos that I found while browsing. Cool innit?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Colorful is the way to go.

I would die oops cry i mean; to have a colorful house like this. Colors can go a long way towards setting the mood and energy level in a room. Don't be too limited by so-called color rules.

  • Lets add some yellow to cheer up the room and lift your spirits.
  • Some red to invigorate the environment,
  • Some coral or apple green - to impart a feeling of coziness in a family room (These colors can warm up a cool room that has limited natural light)
  • Some sage green and sky blue wrap you in a calm ambience, as in a bedroom (These colors can chill a room, so they're best used when there's plenty of sunlight as a balance)
  • Some pale gray, taupe and beige, which exert a restful influence.
  • Some primary colors to set a young, playful mood.

Colors affect us.
They can lift our spirits, make us feel tense, or make us feel at peace.