Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Productive Monday

Yesterday was a very productive Monday for me and hubby.
After coming back from the office, we started doing the first batch of baby laundry.
Hubby helped me with the washing and rinsing. All I did was hang everything up.
We didn't want to use the machine or the dryer.
Ahh feels good to actually complete a task.
Now I can get my hospital bag ready. 
Yesterday during lunch, I bought a few stuff for my hospital bag.
I think it's time for me to prepare and get everything ready in case of emergency.

After dinner at Madam Kwan's, Empire, we did some shopping at the grocery store.
Came back home excited to try making my first rice krispies treats.
Voila! It was a success. 
Simple and in no time we got to indulge ourselves with yummy dessert.
The taste is exactly like the one selling in supermarkets.
Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Rice Krispies Treats
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes 
Servings: About 15

3 tablespoons butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
6 cups rice krispies cereal


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Insomnia and discomfort

Lately I've been suffering from Insomnia. 
How unfair that what I needed the most, I can't get it. 
At 32 weeks pregnant, with all the hormonal changes, the midnight treks to the bathroom, the leg cramps, the heartburn that won't quit, the fact that I can't get comfortable when I'm in bed with a watermelon tummy and the anxiety I'm feeling about the impending birth of my baby as time is approaching.
I can't find the perfect words to describe how I'm feeling.
I hope everything goes well for me and the baby.
Worrying is pointless but I can't stop myself from having all the crazy thoughts.
Although I still have a few more weeks to go, please pray for me.
Nothing beats getting doa's and prayers from all of you. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Sorry for the long wait. My blog post crashed on me several times and I sort of gave up along the way.
But since I promised to write a review of 2012, I tried my best to rewrite all over again.
So here it goes.. Enjoy!

January 1:
Celebrate My New Year in Penang

In January:
Wedding planning starts

January 29:
Korea Trip

February 12:
Merisik in Penang

March 10:
Eye surgery

March 13:
Food tasting @ Sunway

March 11:
Pre-wedding photoshoot

Along March:
Last minute wedding arrangements, fittings and shopping

April 1:
Cheng Beng with future fam in-law

Apr 2:
My 26th Birthday 
-lunch & dessert date with Mr Fiance

-Birthday dinner with la familia.

April 3:
-Last minute check on wedding door gifts

April 5: 
Malam berinai

April 6:
Akad nikah @ officially married

April 7:
Penang Reception - Bride's Side

April 14:
-Early Make up session

- Groom and groomsmen, games and fun

-Tea ceremony and lunch at my in-laws place

- Reception dinner at Sunway Resort Hotel

April 17:
Honeymoon starts
Fly high in Amsterdam

April 21:
Paris here we come!

April 24:
Euro Disney

April 25:
Touched down, London Town

April 30:
Back to Amsterdam from London

Pregnancy News
Broke the news to family and closed friends

 July 25:
First trimester sucks.
Lost weight and started having morning sickness

August 1:
First Check Up
First glance of baby during ultrasound

August 16:
Picked up my pretty baju raya from Nurita Harith

August 19:
Raya 2012.
- My first raya with a husband

August 29:
Second check up

September 22:
Kak Wani's Baby Shower

October 1:
Back to work after a few months off.

October 5:
#3 check up at SJMC with a new Gynae
Found out the gender

October 25:
-The arrival of my second niece - Sofea Helena

- Babymoon in Bandung & Shopping Spree

November 2:
Finally get to hold the new addition to our family

November 4:
My cat Kiki gave birth to 3 cute kittens

November 12:
Babymoon - Hello China

November 15:
Venetian, Macau.

November 22:
Hubby went crazy in Mothercare for baby shopping

December 1:
Art class with my 2 cool aunties

December 8:
Bought our baby stroller

December 17:
Started my third trimester.

December 25:
Baby cot arrived
Celebrated my first Christmas Day with my family in law.