Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekend Love


Last weekend was my working weekend. So on Saturday, we did not do much as the weather wasn't that friendly. It was raining, so we decided to stay home and snooze until dinner. Then we went to The Bee, Publika for dinner. I had Chili Prawn Pasta and hubby got himself The Bee Burger. We also ordered nachos. Sorry I did not capture our main course but I got the nachos! Their nachos is the best!


Hubby and I have a thing for English Breakfast. So we made a point to actually get up early on Sunday to have brunch in Bangsar. Since we've already tried Antipodean, we chose Marmalade Cafe this time. No surprise, their breakfast was actually good. Both of us had Big Fry Up. Wanted to try their Fatbaby Ice Cream but was too full by the time I'm with my big breakfast. Maybe next time. I love everything about the cafe. The pastel colors, the decorated flowers, the bright and airy space etc. If ever I open a cafe, I would so go for this concept too! :)

After brunch, it started to rain. So, we stopped by to get the yummiest soya ever. (Located in Uptown, Damansara). They have the best soya and taufu fa in town. Yay! When I was pregnant with Alex, I used to crave for this everyday. hehe

So being all sweet without baby Alex for the weekend, look what hubby did.. hehe 
Nak beli soya pun turun berdua walaupun hujan. :P

Okay enough of dating, it's baby time. Fetched baby Alexander from my in-laws' place.
He was asleep when we reached but right after he open his eyes, he was so happy to see us. Then came the sweet smile and a little happy tear wanting me to carry him in my arms.

We played for a while before giving him his warm bath. And during dinner time, baby was super excited waiting for his aeroplane spoon with yummy homemade porridge. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baking Sunday.

Last Sunday, while hubby was away for a photography thing, I was so bored at home so I decided to try a recipe that I saw on Pinterest. It was a last minute thing, so nothing extreme. I took out some Hershey's chocolate kisses and a few ingredients to make Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes. Just prepare your brownie mix, spread peanut butter on oreos and cover with brownie mix. And it's ready to bake. It's so easy. 

All you need is a couple of ingredients.

1 box brownie mix 
A packet of Oreo
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

Preheat oven 175 for 30 mins before baking.
Line a 12 muffin cup baker with paper liners.

Prepare brownie mix according to package directions. For each cupcake cup spread 1 teaspoon of peanut butter over Oreo cookies.

Place oreo stacks into the cupcake lined muffin cups.

Spoon 2 tablespoons of brownie batter over oreo and let it run down the sides of the cookie.

Bake cookies and brownies for 25-30 minutes, until brownies are cooked through.
Let it cool completely then serve.

I promised my husband I will try to bake this for him one day and tadaa.. he came home smiling after smelling my brownies from outside the house.
Oh small happiness!

If you have left over brownie batter, bake separately in a separate baker tin.
I purposely put in some kisses chocolate coz I have heaps from my last trip. :)


Friday, October 18, 2013

Things About Motherhood

1. You will become a song and dance woman
Life becomes like fame when you've got a baby. You break into songs giving him a bath and feeding him because you can't get enough of those smiles that come as your reward. You've also rewritten the lyrics to countless songs to include your baby's name. And your chicken dance? It kills every time.

2. So long clean, living room
There is no chance of having a Pinterest perfect home. They are taking over - it's the attach of the over sized  brightly colored toys! Your former everything-in-its-place living room will probably never look the same, as you realize how handy it is to have a swing/bouncy seat or exersaucer close by. And you know what? It's a trade-off you won't mind.

3. You will gain a new appreciation for your genes
I find it amazing to look at a little person and see so much of hubby and myself from the physical likeness to personality traits.

4. You will covet a sensible car
Your idea of hot ride has definitely changed. While the idea of buying a minivan or wagon used to feel like something your parents would do, now you see how much baby stuff you need to schlep with you on trips.

5. You'll love hubby as "daddy"
You'll watch him in daddy mode -- singing lullabies, feeding, tickling and giving your baby a warm bath.

6. You will feel like a celeb stalked by reporters
Suddenly you're getting questions like pregnancy journey, labour experience, breastfeeding, sleep training, baby recipes etc. hehe (I'm sure all moms go through this..)

7. Your abs will never recover
Go ahead and do Pilates, do crunches until the cows come home, but your pre-baby abs have left the station. The more important thing is: you won't care much.

8. Your baby will shock you
You'll be surprised how a tiny baby could fart or burp so loudly.

9. Much Worries
No one really tells you that you start worrying when you first see that pink line on the pregnancy test.

10. Pure Joy
The feeling of pure joy when you see your child accomplish something. Even the smallest thing matters. Even through the challenges, there is much to be happy for. The smiles, the hugs, the hand holding, just being with each other, being family.

11. Mistakes Happen
You are never going to get it right. The best thing you can do is to acknowledge them, learn and move on.

12. You will gain and lose friends
You'll make friends with people you never thought you would be friends with. Momdom creates strange alliances. Sadly there's a corollary: be prepared for friendships to fall by the wayside after you have kids. You may no longer have the energy to make longstanding, if troubled relationship work.

13. Your relationship with the in-laws will change
Adding a baby to the mix has some quirky effects. If you and your in-laws have never seen eye-to-eye, you may be surprised to discover that a baby provides new common ground.

14. Breastfeeding is tough! Really tough
Friends will warn you, but you can't understand how difficult nursing can be until you've been through it yourself.

15. Nothing Matters
I was surprised at how I wasn't fazed at being puked, pooped or peed on.
16. Sweet surprises
When we asked real moms what surprised them most about parenting, we turned out to be the ones who were surprised. Everyone's heard about being overwhelmed with love or exhausted all the time, but there are so many other things big and small.

17. It's true what people say...
I had heard people say "You feel your child's pain" but I never really understood that until I had children myself. It's true, though - I'm physically in pain, I actually ache when my baby is hurting, whether its a physical or mental thing.

18. A kiss from your child can make anything better
Bad days can be healed with magic kisses. That is what really matters in life.

19. Guilty Feeling
No matter what you choose to do, - breastfeed or bottle feed, sleep train or not, go back to work or stay at home - you will feel guilty a lot of time. I've learned to accept my choices, be it right or wrong, they are the choices made for the good of my baby.

20. You wait for milestones
I never realized how much I'd enjoy every stage of their lives from when they were babies learning to crawl, spotting the first tooth - to toddlers beginning to talk etc.

21. You will check vanity at the door
If it will keep your baby happy and comfortable, you'll do it, no matter how foolish you look. That includes making monkey sounds, speaking in baby talk and tickling you baby's bum bum.

22. The mood of the day can change with the wind
Just because the day start with sunshine and smiles does not mean it will end the same. Suddenly the blue skies turn gray and the wrath of a toddler is unleashed. Just know that the tides does not define you. It is all about how you roll with the punches.

23. Tantrums are normal
The need of nap, the hungry child, the boring baby - there is absolutely no feasible reason for them to be upset. Keep your head high, control yourself and act cool. It happens to the best of us.

24. Priorities change
Who would have imagined that family night would suddenly become better than girls night? Motherhood has an odd way of changing up your priorities. Never let the judgement of others, especially those without children, make you feel bad for wanting to spend time with your family. Mothers know that family should always come first.

25. Now it all makes sense
Being a parent has made me understand so much about my own parents. I often find myself saying "My parents always told me..." And it can be anything from dealing with friends, to always trying my best, to eating my vegetables. Sometimes you even refer yourself as a third person. :)

26. The little things matter
A lifetime of little things mean so much more than a lifetime of luxuries.

27. You will be more appreciative
When you become a parent, you appreciate your parents more. You appreciate your spouse more, you appreciate yourself more. You appreciate the extra 10 minutes you get, any time of the day. You appreciate your sleep more, definitely. 

28. You will be wiser
You will learn to pick your battles. You will learn to give up, and when not to. You will learn that love is deep. You will learn that fears abound in every corner and there is nothing you can do about it.  You will learn that your heart is so much bigger than you thought possible. You will learn that you have it in you to fight for your children.

29.You will be humbled
Parenting is a truly humbling experience. I thought I knew it all, could do it all. I know now, that I don’t and I can’t, and it’s okay.

30. You will never find motherhood boring
You will discovery different things everyday. The good and the bad. So, give yourself a pat on your back. Self congratulatory about your awesome parenting is a must.