Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Dream Wedding

Dream wedding, like fairy tales, are something that little girls believe in all their lives. We all know the tale of Cinderella, who danced at the ball with a handsome prince, lost her slipper and The Prince later finds her by going door to door to find the beautiful girl who fit the shoe. It shows how dreams do come true and how every girl wants to be rescued. I have pictured myself and dreamed about being swept by my prince charming and then live happily every after, just like Cinderella. Though now i am all grown up, my dream of having a Fairy Tale wedding did not diminish. There are many types of weddings, be it on top of a mountain, by the beach during the sunset, in the garden or just a simple closed ceremony in a hall. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of a big lavish fairytale wedding with a big poofy white gown, walking on rose petals, having a beautiful 3-tier cake, colorful fresh flowers, swans, ice sculptures, white doves, tons of guests, classical songs playing in the background and last but not least; dancing with my prince charming. As I grew older, I never stopped believing in my fairytale. Nothing much has changed except the part about having tons of guests over.

As I grew older, I realized that to create a magical and beautiful wedding, all you need is: the person you want to spend your life with, your family and your closed friends. Unlike when I was a little girl, planning a huge "no budget" wedding is completely different. Where as now, my wedding have to be budget friendly. Along the process of planning a beautiful wedding, bit-by-bit I'm starting to find myself and understand what truly makes me feel happy. I want the day to be real and meaningful and be filled with love and honor.

My dream wedding includes a quaint solemnization ceremony at home followed by an outdoor reception on the following day. Talk about an outdoor reception, I just want something simple or in other words; just like a breath of fresh air! My taste could be different from others as I want something that is a little different and unique. Bright and cheery colors always have a way of making me smile. I'm a big fan of the color yellow because it is so fun and classy. It just radiates such happy energy and there is simply no denying the impact it has. I just love all the fun ways you can infuse yellow into your big day. Pairing yellow with fun colors like apple green, aqua, orange and a touch of gray is a recipe that just burst with personality. The combination of these colors is full of sunshine and packed full of personality. I love how these colors balance one another.


For a start, I plan to send out Save The Date cards to family and closed friends so that they are well aware of the date. The card would be in Orange, White and Aqua. The color combination is so refreshing.


For the wedding invitation, each guest will receive a lovely letterpress invitations printed in either orange ink or aqua ink with cute ribbons.


I would love to have a classy yet beautiful wedding gown. It can be a traditional old-fashioned fit-n-flare lacey dress or a simple ball gown with details.


It's either the vintage style birdcage veil which has accented with a gorgeous and whimsical flower or just a simple veil to blend with the dress.

I just love how the use of just one type of flower in bouquets makes for such a bold statement. To coordinate, I plan to tie up my hair into a bun and wear a single flower in my hair. It will look unique and sweet at the same time.


My prince charming will be wearing a dark gray tuxedo with a cute bow. :)

Groomsmen will be dressed in lighter gray tuxedos and green stripped/orange polka dots neckties on to match which will make the guys look both handsome and fun.


I am planning to dress the bridesmaids in lime green or orange gowns that have sort of casual elegance to them. Each bridesmaid will wear a unique style which will make the bridal look both fun and unique. To accent their attire, I suggest each of them to wear strappy green or orange shoes depending on the color of their dress.

To add a little elegance, broaches will be attach. The ladies will be carrying bouquets of orange & green and centerpiece designed to coordinate. Bouquets are hand tied with satin ribbon and will be made for a nice contrast to the dress color.


Charming details like fresh flowers in every corner, balloons, bubble machine and photo booth will set the tone for this casual and fun affair.


The whole reception will be dressed up with paper lanterns and the trees will twinkle with the glow of candle light. Other details that stand out to me will be the rose petals covered aisle as a replacement for red carpet.


For a unique spin on centerpieces, simple arrangements of flowers are placed on each table.


For a wedding cake, I don't mind getting something extraordinary with creative touches.


To add some flair to the wedding reception, unique & creative table numbers will be designed in elegant fonts. Tables will be dressed in a light aqua blue linen and floral table runners layered to add both visual interest and texture. Tied to the chairs are blue and orange cascading ribbons which will add both a touch of fun and a touch of whimsy.


Guests will be treated to an array of treats both salty and sweet. In addition, as favors to my guest, there will also be some gourmet popcorn and guests are encouraged to treat themselves to a bag full.

There will also be cupcakes, macaroons & chocolates for people with sweet tooth.

Guest will also be treated to sweet tea served in mason jars with homemade cookies.

Creative packaging of personalized chocolate bar/mints and a thank you note will be made for the guest to bring home.


As the night come to an end, the newlyweds will hop on a bicycle built for two with a sign attached to the back that read "Just Married" or "..and they lived happily ever after".

The casual vibe of this wedding is one that guests will truly appreciate and would remember for years to come.


Fairy tales are stories and are made up, but dream weddings can come true. Dreams Do Come True If Only We Wish Hard Enough.


//Photos taken from Google Images and private collection.

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