Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crafty Time

These are a few things I've completed in the past months after I got my baby. I admit I'm am a procrastinator with endless ideas but couldn't find the time to actually sit and proceed. I hope I get to rearrange my schedule and slowly squeeze some me time. Wish me luck!

A month ago, I completed my key holder and now it's already on my wall. Yay!

Two days ago, I tried baking my first batch of mini pavlova. And I succeeded. It was super yummy.
I don't have the end product with cream and fruits. Too yummy I forgot to snap a photo. 
It's good but I think I need more practice if I ever want to open my artsy cake shop. :P

And the latest..

Yesterday I completed a Despicable Me Minion Felt Keychain for hubby. He loves it. =P
(Finally after a decade hahaha)


Monday, June 24, 2013

Worth Every Cent I Would Say

There are things I would like to share with new mommies and mommy-to-be out there. I find these products useful for newborns and toddlers. Well it depends on your baby actually. Good to start from his/her early age. No promises but at least it works for me and my baby. You can give it a try.

1. Baby Cradle [RM230]

I used it during confinement and up till now. It is easy as it can fold flat, light weight for travel and it can be easily carried from one place to another. The 3 level adjustable cradle heights has wheels and could also convert into a rock-a-bye motion. I got this for only RM230 if I'm not mistaken. It is suitable for infants below 15 months with rocking & maneuvering functions.

2. Bugaboo Bee Stroller [RM2700] +  Cocoon [RM450] 

I would say that I am quite picky when it comes to my baby's comfort. My hubby and I discussed long and hard before making any decision on what stroller to buy for the little one. After comparing a few brands, we decided to go for Bugaboo Bee for its features and specs. Compact when folded and unfolded, the Bugaboo Bee zips through tight aisles and fits in cramped closets with ease. It is suitable for newborns and toddlers because it can fully recline and extend the seat bottom for more comfort. The other thing that we were amazed by was the two front wheels that could swivel 360 degrees to make maneuvering a one-handed task with independent suspension and foam-filled rubber tires to ensure smooth strolling. The 3-position reclining seat adjusts to suit the mood of infant or toddler. Sit up straight when awake, recline when relaxed or lie flat when fast asleep. The other thing that we like about it is the reversible seat and the height adjustable backrest to accommodate a growing child. For tall parents like us, we appreciate the one-piece height adjustable handlebar to fit your height and retracts for easy storage. Just like a few other stroller, they have easy accessible foot brake that locks the back wheels firmly in place with the tap of your toe. The fun thing about Bugaboo Bee is that you can have as many colors as you want, all you have to do is change the sun canopy. Hubby doesn't want to get Maxi-cosi so we bought a Bugaboo Cocoon for an additional of RM450. The baby cocoon is for extra comfort and protection.

3. Fisher Price Mobile Cot  [RM299]

We couldn't decide which cot mobile to get for our baby boy coz there are heaps of them in store. Everything was so pricey. Baby stuff are crazy expensive. But the thingabout new mommies, they will always give in for their little ones no matter how much it cost. We just bought ours a month ago and thought it was somewhat worth the money. Alex loves it. He could stare at the show on the projector for more than half an hour.  What short attention span? Let him experience nature sounds and sweet lullabies. With this 2 in 1 light projection mobile, your baby will enjoy watching little precious planet animal friends twirl around and smile down at him. The included remote control allows parents to activate and deactivate the music and motion from a distance. It plays peaceful lullabies, nature sounds, heartbeats, and white noise womb sounds for up to 20 minutes. It can also converts from a crib mobile to a music box when your child grows.

4. Tommee Tippee Bottle Sterilizer   [RM399]

As a new parent you’ll know that bottle sterilization is extremely important to keep your baby safe and healthy. An electronic steam sterilizer is one of the easiest and effective methods to ensure your baby bottles are germ free before feeding. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature model is super easy, and really quick too! Once loaded simply push the button wait five minutes for the light to go off and the cleaning cycle is complete. It comes with a whole host of features such as the 24 hour sterile environment (so long the lid stays shut), 6 bottle capacity, slimline, BPA free and more!

5. Tommee Tippee Close To Nature Bottle & Food Warmer  [RM179]

Suitable to use from birth and warms food/bottles within minutes. Thermostatically controlled for safety. It is suitable to use from birth. 

6. Movement Sensor Pad   [RM799]

This unique sensor pad has three settings - low, medium and high and is designed to sit under baby's cot mattress, sounding an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Whether indoors or outdoors, the baby monitors have a long distance range up to 300m - offering reassurance from afar. The two way talk back feature on Closer to Nature baby monitors lets you reassure baby from another room. You can just press a button to talk back to your baby in case he gets all moody. hehe.. It also displays the temperature in baby's room on both units, with Celsius and Fahrenheit options available. They also provide a gentle night light controllable from the parent unit provides a low, medium or high light for a reassuring glow. I don't usually use this as I have Ikea night light fixed on the wall. The monitor comes with a paging function to help you relocate a misplaced parent unit in case you are a forgetful or clumsy parent. Last but not least, a rechargeable docking station makes this monitor ideal for flexible and portable use. 

6. Medela Swing breast pump [RM799] + Storage Bag & Bottles [RM269]

After reading some review about breast pumps, I decided to go for Medela Swing. It is comfortable, silent and efficient. This pump express milk quietly and discreetly. The thing I like about this pump is it can be used easily and switches automatically from stimulation to the expression phase. It is easy to assemble, use and has a range of vacuum levels and settings. Overall I would give this a 5 star.

7. 4 in 1 Convertible Crib   [RM1699]

we were looking for a baby cot for lil Alex but couldn't decide whether to get the normal type or the 4 in 1 convertible crib. Here I would like to share about the wonderful features on 4 in 1 baby conversion cot. It is one of the best baby nursery furniture you can get in the market which is versatile and converts right through to a double bed. it is fabulous. If you are looking for nursery furniture that is useful even when the baby outgrows and need for a twin bed is great felt. I guess most of the parents do not foresee that. This convertible crib converts to a lovely daybed and then to a full-sized bed with a headboard and foot board. 

8. Puku Formula Milk Dispenser [RM25.90]

If you are already giving your little one formula milk, I would suggest this dispenser milk container from Puku. It is a 4 container set of 150ml. The thing I like about it is the lid that is connected to one another. Senang tak tercabut or hilang. 

9. Changing Unit from Ikea   [RM149] + Basket Changing Table Sets of 3 [RM40]

Nobody mentioned about having a changing unit at home so I couldn't be bothered getting it at first. After a while, I started having back ache while changing my baby on my bed and on the floor. What is RM150 compared to terrible back ache every time. So hubby and I went looking for a changing unit. Found a few that we really liked but we didn't want to spend so much on it. The one that I fell in love with was like a chest of drawers with a cute changing top. But since we've already bought chests of drawers from Ikea earlier, we decided to get a simple changing table which doesn't cost a bomb. Although it doesn't look that good, I'm glad we bought it. Worth every cent. 

10. Panasonic Thermo Pot  [RM239]

If you've started giving your baby formula milk, I think this is a must have item in your baby's room. I started using thermo flask but I got tired having to make frequent trips up and down just to refill hot water in the small flask. So my mother in-law gave me this.  It is a 3.0 liter capacity which saves energy while keeping warm. It is a 2 way dispenser with 4 types of temperatures control at 98°C, 90°C, 80°C and 60°C. It also comes with a safety lock.

11. Graco Contour Electra Bassinet & Travel Cot   [RM799]

We bought a playard to leave it over at the in-laws' place just in case for any sleepover. Didn't want to buy something heavy so we opt for a playpen instead. This playpen includes an activity panel for daytime and a night scene to help baby sleep. Its durable frame makes it perfectly suited for travels. There are also 2 wheels for easy mobility. I like it because it is quick, easy to assemble and it also includes a carry bag for easy storage. It is suitable from birth up to 24 months; approx 15kg. 

12. Disney Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier   [RM229]

Since the little one have his own room, we wanted to equipped his room with all the essential things. One of the important thing is having air purifier and also humidifier. While we were at a baby expo, we came across a cute Disney humidifier. So we thought why not get it as we seldom see any cute humidifier for a baby room. This adorable humidifier provides a comforting nursery environment while complementing the nursery decor. Multi-directional mist provides room comfort for 8 hours and up to 48 hours depending on the level. The thing I like about it is the variable mist dial, silent operation, see-through water tank and on/off/ empty indicator light display. The power for this unit  is 220v, with the mist volume of 180cc per hour. Provides nightlight functions.

13. Boba Carrier 3G - Montenegro   [RM438]

This carrier is ideal for babies and toddlers alike. Its ergonomic design, patent-pending foot straps and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for the entire family. There are a few colors and designs but hubby wanted black. The good thing about this carrier is 100% cotton and can be modified into four styles. (Front carry, back carry, Lucia Style and newborn hold). They also provide removable sleeping hood. It is made to fit parents of all shapes and sizes without purchasing an extension belt or accessory. All straps are fully adjustable, and elastic bands are provided so you can comfortably tuck the straps away once you have the carrier adjusted for you and you child. 

14. Chest of Drawers from Ikea   [RM849]

To complete a baby room, I would suggest for new parents to get chests of drawers instead of a normal cupboard. You need drawers more than the hanging ones. Knowing me, an Ikea biggest fan, of course I shop in Ikea. Good to have handy husband to fix things around the house. Thanks sayang! Thought of getting a different one but I don't think it fits my baby's room coz we already have a 4 door cupboard in there. So we went for this instead. We got it in a different color black-brown.

15. Bath Set from Mothercare.   [RM249]

As new parents, hubby an I didn't know what to get for our baby when it comes to bathing set. So, one day we went to Mothercare just to have a look. Lucky us they had promotions at that time. Bought the whole bathing set which includes bath tub, top & tail bowl, bath thermometer, shaped sponge and 100% cotton towel. It is a unique flexi-handle reduces movement of water when carrying to avoid spills. Thought it was good but quite pricey I would say. 

16. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather  [RM129.90]

To add up to the kekecewaan terbeli expensive bathing set, one weekend we went back to Penang and there wasn't any bath tub around as kak wani took hers back home. So had to look for a new bather. Went around Queensbay looking for an affordable one but we couldn't find any. So after discussing with hubby whether to get like a seated bather, we just went with our guts and got it for a smashing RM130. Damn, kids stuff are expensive nowadays. But no regret, this bather is so good. It makes bath time easier and safer. Well, at least for me. hehe It fits all baths and provides comfort and reassurance for parent and baby at bathtime. The backrest has 2 positions to accommodate growing babies. The good thing about it is, it folds flat for easy travel and storage, the material is easy to wash, the base give newborns extra support and security while they're on it. I like the design with soft mesh, head support and solid, non slip base. Overall, I would recommend this product to new moms. 

17. Changing bath mat   [RM40]

I got this way before I got the changing unit. It is great. We put it to good use and carry this everywhere we go (long distance). This basic foam filled mat fits all dressers and the good thing about it is the surface is easy to wipe in case you get poo poo or urine when you're changing. 

18. Sparco Baby Car Seat F500K    [RM599] - A gift from hubby's friend, Edmund.

While I was pregnant, I went to Sunway to accompany hubby to a car shop. Waited in the car for him to make payment. Then he called and asked me to meet him in the shop. Told me that there's something cool for baby. Wow, at less than 5 months pregnant, how is a baby bucket seat top in the list? I thought to myself. So at about 7 months preggo, Edmund, a friend of hubby was leaving for Melbourne, so he surprised us with a cool gift. It's like an advanced baby present for our lil one. There you go, hubby was so happy and I was so shocked to receive such a pricey gift. Oh well, Alex is one lucky baby with loving uncles and aunties around to spoil him. Okay, just like his father, Alex is lucky to have a bucket seat as his first car seat. This seat grows with the child and could be used since birth. It combines a rearward facing seat (birth to 13kg) & a forward facing sear (9 kg to 18kg).It has recline positions and performance chest pads harness. 

19. Fisher Price Rocker    [RM349]

Starts out as an infant seat/rocker. You can also convert this seat easily to an infant seat to add interactive toy play. It is suitable from bith to 4 years old (18kg). Folds easily and has a build-in handle. This rocker is equipped with calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion to help comfort and soothe baby. It is also convenient for feeding. 

 20. Baby Swaddle. Summer [RM80]  & Ergo Cocoon [RM100]

When babies are first born they like to feel snug and secure, just like mummy's tummy. At the early stage of development their arms have a startle reflex which wakes them up if they are not restrained. So I used swaddle to help my baby sleep longer and better. 

And ergo cocoon

21. Activity gym [a wide range from RM70 onwards] - Got it as a present from Nadhyrah and Yasmin during my babyshower.

You also need a play gym for your baby's brain development. I was told that babies can start using the play gym right after birth. It is a basic and must have toy for any growing baby. Playgym can actually keep your baby busy for hours or so. It is so enhance baby's development through fun and play. It is also excellent to stimulate baby's hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imagination, exploration, focus and problem solving skills. 

22. Sleep Sheep by Cloud b.   [RM120] - A gift from hubby's friend, Brian. 

When babies sleep better, parents sleep better. Why count sheep when you can listen to one in bed? Never thought of buying one actually. This cuddly companion is a must have for newborn. It soothes baby to sleep with calming "white noise" sound. It has four soothing sound options (mother's heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf, whale songs). With two sleep timer options of 23 or 45 minutes, you can leave your baby to soothe and sleep by himself. The good thing about this cute toy is, it has Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby's crib. 


23. Nuna Leaf   [RM999] - Got it for Mother's Day from my in-laws.

Nuna leaf is suitable from birth-over 100lbs. The side to side swaying motion is a smooth and relaxing place for babies or kids to hangout. (Chewah mengada betul) Great design, terrific quality and hypnotic movement. It has 3 point harness with great metal buckets, Velcro to adjust and locks to allow you to choose either stationary or swaying movement. It works at playtime, lunchtime and mummy's chore time  The good thing is, it doesn't require batteries, no cords, no buzz and no noise. You actually don't need this unless you have extra money to splurge on your newborn. hehe Lucky for me for having such loving and thoughtful in laws. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Journey in life - Motherhood.

I apologize for being away for too long without any news or update right after I gave birth to my baby boy. I had so much to write but I just couldn't find the time to actually sit and spill it out. I am occupied with mummy duties 24/7 which I myself can't cope with anything anymore apart from baby and baby stuff. I feel blessed beyond what I imagined for my life. As a first time mom, life is pretty hectic and time seems to fly away so fast day by day. It's a lot of dealing with tantrums, a lot of poppy diaper explosions, frequent feeding time, less sleeps, sick baby etc. But luckily Allah gave us grace to get through those hard days. Sometimes I feel so tired I was nauseous. But overall, that is motherhood I suppose. Although I don't get enough rest like before, no me time doing things I love, no time for home spa, cooking, crafting, cleaning and last but not least sadly I have to bid goodbye to my 7 hours sleep, I am very much enjoying my journey as a new mother.

Many times when I actually get some time to myself (very little these days), 
I tend to look past the hard moments/ hours/ days and see the beautiful gifts in my life.
I always wanting to be a mommy and have my very own lil family.
I wanted to know what my baby will look like.
And now when I look at my baby's face, I feel like I've known him forever. 

Some days can be exhausting but this little man keeps us alive & laughing.

Say hello to Izz Alexander Yaw

I love being a mom
I love being a mom but truth being said, it's HARD. It is one of the hardest but most rewarding things I've done in my life. Thanks to my Hubby for always lending me a hand around the house and providing me with a helper to help me around the house. Although I'm blessed with a little family of my own, I have cried while getting dressed because:
1. Most of the time I have baby spit on me
2. I don't know what fits or what doesn't fit at this point
3. I have limited baby friendly tops and dresses
4. Some days I look in the mirror and see a tired mommy; not the fresh faced girl like I used to be.

Hence, I need to do something to feel better and gain my confidence back. I am now working hard to get my pre-baby body. Swimming, running and cycling keeps me going. 

A day after I got out from the hospital

I have felt tired
I have felt overwhelmed
I have felt incapable
I have felt like a failure
I have felt like I wasn't ready
I have felt like my brain was going to explode

I'm TIRED, a lot.
I always wanted to be a mom. But no one told me was how TIRED you will be as a parent.
But the crazy thing about parenting exhaustion, it can suddenly be easy in one sweet moment with your child. You won't even remember how hard it is to go through everyday.

A hug, laugh, a giggle, a reach for you makes you forget how worn you feel.
It also gives you the feeling of peace. Just knowing you are everything to that child makes your heart flutters. Mummy loves you so much sayang.

Alex's first photo at home in his bassinet

 My handsome boy, my new obsession

He was so tiny and fragile. Gerammmmm.

These photos were taken a few days after I got my shining star :)
Feb 2013